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Optimize human movement performance with AI-powered insights

Utilized by Major League Baseball, professional sports teams,
elite performance coaches and Division I athletics programs

Capture movements easily

An easy-to-use experience using only two iPhones or iPads to capture full 3D athletic movements.

Gather reliable data

Accurate movement analysis ensures you’ll get reliable insights in any environment.

Empower improvement

Quantify sports movements and movement assessments to minimize injury risk and improve performance.

Get actionable feedback

3D visualizations, coachable insights, and movement reports help you evaluate and develop athletic performance.

Analyze compelling footage

Use existing broadcast footage to analyze athletic movements and generate biomechanic and kinematic insights.

Increase fan engagement

Deliver more compelling storytelling experiences by explaining the factors that contribute to an athlete’s performance outcome.

Create captivating content

Layer new insights and metrics into your broadcast that explain how the elite athletes your viewers love are getting their results.

"Uplift Labs Is Putting ‘A Performance Lab in Your Pocket’ by Turning iPhones into Biomechanical Tools"

“Motion Capture Platform Built For Golf Goes Beyond Hitting Bays”

“Startups to Watch: Uplift Labs hopes its app gives pro athletes a competitive advantage”

“An Apple and Tesla exec who quit to build his own startup now has a star-studded list of investors”

“Baseball Scouts Call In Artificial Intelligence Help From the Bullpen”

AI-powered movement analysis that unlocks unrivaled insights for everyone


Accurately capture athletic movements in any environment, gaining insights into performance optimization.

Empower your team with insights for player evaluation, supercharging player development.

Uncover and nurture talent of the next generation.

Easily compare progress over time to drive improvement.

sPORTS Medicine

Quantify movement health to improve baselines, boost performance, and mitigate the risk of injury.

Establish baseline movement ability to measure improvement and identify risk factors.

Enhance personalized recovery and rehabilitation plans with real data.

Assess patients and athletes over time to track the progress of key metrics and expedite return to sport.


Unlock groundbreaking athlete movement insights to enrich the broadcast experience and drive fan engagement.

Boost fan engagement with captivating live game content.

Provide insights into athletes' movement performance.

Enhance storytelling and narratives around athletic performance.

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“Providing 3D motion capture analysis has traditionally been a time-consuming, labor intensive process. Uplift Capture is making the process more efficient, breaking down many of the barriers to widespread adoption. We believe bringing Uplift’s technology to clubs across MLB is going to empower scouts and player personnel executives to better inform player evaluations and decision making.”

Bill Francis
Sr Director of Baseball Operations, Major League Baseball

“Uplift provides a scalable motion analysis solution to support the player development process away from the laboratory. The flexibility of setting up Uplift Capture in various environments from the weight room and on and off-field has yielded tremendous efficiencies in obtaining key biomechanical insights of our players with minimal training barriers to integration into our workflow.”

Dr. Robert Butler
Director of Performance, St Louis Cardinals

“Player performance, health, and fitness are paramount for all of our athletes and a responsibility our coaches and athletic trainers take very seriously. We can pair Uplift’s sophisticated movement technology with iPhones, all on our 5G network, to give us more data in real-time – data that can inform everything from player development to injury prevention and recovery.”

Christian Lau
Chief Technology Officer, LAFC

“It was great to be able to check in at the beginning and end of season and see any changes to my swing due to load, fatigue, and things I was focusing on and track my development.”

Victoria Hayward
Chairperson of Athletes Unlimited Softball Player Executive Committee
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