Uplift Vision

Surface groundbreaking athlete movement insights to enrich the viewing experience and drive fan engagement.

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How it works

Offer valuable insights into an athlete's movement and performance in real time.

Step one
filming golfs swing
Step one

Ingest existing broadcast video streams to analyze athletic movements.

Integrate Uplift into your existing media pipeline by directly ingesting broadcast video feeds into an Uplift analysis server.

Sports Performance

Capture athletes' sports movements as they perform and train, in order to evaluate their in-situation performance.

Step two
Step two

Analyze full athletic movements.

Uplift tracks over 25 keypoints on the body to analyze the ins and outs of how a player moves during their athletic performance.

Automatic movement insight

Uplift’s engine analyzes all tracked body segments and generates the most important movement takeaways for each individual sport.

golf swing

Use insightful movement analysis to enrich commentary and insights into elite athletic performance.

Automatically generated metrics and overlays level up your broadcast with insights that explain how the elite athletes that your viewers love are producing their results.

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How long does it take to process broadcast footage and generate biomechanical insights?

Uplift Vision can be deployed on a server on-site to enable near-real time processing of broadcast footage.

How many camera angles does Uplift Vision require to provide biomechanical analysis?

Uplift Vision is designed to work with a single stationary camera angle.

What type of video feed is required to run Uplift Vision?

Uplift Vision can handle most broadcast standard video formats. Higher frame rate video is better for fast movements and improved accuracy.