Optimizing human movement for better performance and safety

Uplift's AI optimizes performance and reduces injuries in sports, fitness, and daily life.

How it works

Anytime, Anywhere Movement Intelligence


With only 2 iPhones or iPads, capture an athlete’s movement in full 3D - in the batting cage, on the field, or in the weight room.


Analyze movements to uncover inefficiencies, injury risk factors, and movement patterns crucial for optimal performance.

Track progress

Use 3D visualization and movement reports to improve coaching cues, identify talent, and track progress.

How it works

How can Uplift enhance your practice?

easy-to-use and seamless technology
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easy-to-use and seamless technology

Perform movement assessments to evaluate players or patients and generate reports with valuable information.

Using iPhones or iPads, our solution captures reliable biomechanical and kinematic data in any environment.


No wearables

User-friendly Technology

Get the Complete Picture
testing a leg
Get the Complete Picture

Emphasize player health by assisting in injury reduction and prevention.

Maximize performance and minimize risks by collecting detailed movement data to identify athletes' performance, avoid injuries, and uncover deficiencies.

Functional Movement Analysis



Surface Powerful Insights
monitoring jumping
Surface Powerful Insights

Use objective measurements to inform rehabilitation and recovery programs.

Individualized movement analysis, reports, and visualizations improve the data that goes into return-to-play programming and plans.

Patient Reports

Movement Metric Tracking


Everything you need to know about the product and how it works. Can’t find an answer? Check all the FAQs

What movement assessments do you support?

Uplift Capture can capture and analyze any athletic movement that lends itself to stationary capture with 2 iOS devices mounted on tripods. We generate movement assessment reports for multiple squat, jump, and lunge varieties.

Can I capture multiple movements in a single session?

Yes. Uplift includes many assessment groups that allow you to evaluate multiple movements across multiple athletes in a single session without cumbersome switching between movements.

What equipment do I need to use Uplift Capture?

Uplift Capture only requires 2 iOS devices (iPhones/iPads) of the same model from our approved list, 2 tripods, and a reliable internet connection.

Can I export raw kinematic data?

Yes. Each session, or clip, has movement data and joint coordinates that can be downloaded as a .csv file via Webhooks.

What’s the set-up?

Two iPhones or iPads, two tripods, and a little bit of space. Uplift Capture is easy to set-up and offers both simple and full checkerboard camera calibration options. Open the app, pair your devices, and start Capturing in just a few minutes.