Rich movement insights for enhanced viewing experiences

Elevate fan engagement: Uplift's AI analysis uncovers athlete performance insights for captivating live game experiences.

How it works

Level up the narrative of performance


Ingest existing broadcast video streams to analyze athlete movement.


Generate valuable measures of an athlete’s movement performance in real time.


Enhance the viewing experience with engaging performance visuals.

built to empower live game experiences

How can Uplift enhance your production?

Simple integration to Broadcasting workflow
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Simple integration to Broadcasting workflow

Increase fan engagement by providing captivating content with biomechanical data overlays during live games.

Enhance the story of elite athletic performance through simple, captivating explanations of how the best athletes move in their sport.

No wearables

User-friendly Technology

In the heat of the moment
baseball game
In the heat of the moment

Offer valuable insights into athletes' movement and performance in real time.

Uplift integrates with your existing media production pipeline to analyze player movement and produce insights ready for the instant replay.



Surface Powerful Insights
tablet monitoring
Surface Powerful Insights

Enhance the fans' experience by presenting simple data on athletes' performance and skills.

Provide new insights for commentary, and graphics for your video feed so fans understand and engage with movement analysis narratives.

User-friendly Technology

Motion Capture

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How long does it take to process broadcast footage and generate biomechanical insights?

Uplift Vision can be deployed on a server on-site to enable near-real time processing of broadcast footage.

How many camera angles does Uplift Vision require to provide biomechanical analysis?

Uplift Vision is designed to work with a single stationary camera angle.

What type of video feed is required to run Uplift Vision?

Uplift Vision can handle most broadcast standard video formats. Higher frame rate video is better for fast movements and improved accuracy.