Uplift Capture

Harness the power of AI for enhanced performance through precision capture, accurate 3D kinematics, key metrics, and informative reporting.

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How it works

Accelerate performance evaluation with hassle-free setup, portability and accurate data collection.

Step one
Step one

Choose your preferred session mode.

Gain valuable insights into sports performance and movement assessments, capturing session-specific data. Personalize your athlete assessments with custom evaluations for targeted improvements.

Sports Performance

Capture athletes' sports movements as they perform and train, in order to evaluate their in-situation performance.

Movement assessments

Assess functional and dynamic movement to understand the effectiveness and quality of motions performed.

Step two
Step two

Experience effortless setup of mobile motion capture.

Simple and easy to use. Effortlessly capture footage using two iPhones or iPads in any setting; in the cage, on the field or in the weight room. No need for wearables or expensive camera rig systems.

iPhone & iPad compatible


Capture athletic movements with our 3D kinematic tracking system.

Effortlessly capture time-synced video in portrait or landscape from two angles and upload it to our analysis engine for full 3D kinematics.

step four
step four

Review athletic performance in full 3D.

Review athletic performance, track progress, and optimize results in full 3D with our Cloud Visualizer and dynamic web dashboard.


Unlock your data and insights through understandable reports.

Uncover moments where an athlete is moving efficiently and properly, as well as identifying areas for improvement.


Manage your organization and easily share insights.

Uplift’s centralized web dashboard empowers you to review every movement, manage your athletes, and share results within your entire organization.



Everything you need to know about the product and how it works. Can’t find an answer? Check all the FAQs

How long does it take for captures to be uploaded and analyzed?

Uploads depend on the number of captures and your internet speed. Processing and analysis of most sessions completes within 10 minutes.

Is there a limit on how many players I can capture?

Uplift does not limit the number of athletes you can capture or athlete profiles that you can create.

How many MLB teams use Uplift?

Uplift currently works with MLB and nearly half of all MLB teams for player development, talent identification, and movement assessments.

How many colleges use Uplift?

Uplift currently has partnerships with NCAA colleges across the country. These collaborations serve a wide range of purposes, from supporting collegiate athletics to enhancing educational offerings.

What equipment do I need to use Uplift Capture?

Uplift Capture only requires 2 iOS devices (iPhones/iPads) of the same model from our approved list, 2 tripods, and a reliable internet connection.

How many joints and body keypoints does Uplift Capture track?

Uplift Capture tracks 28 joint keypoints across the entire body.

What type of reports or data do I get with Uplift Capture?

Uplift Capture analyzes movement captures and generates multiple types of data and reports: full 3D visualization of the movement through our cloud visualizer paired with high speed video and kinematic data; raw data for each capture including all joint keypoints, generated metrics, and detected events; and coach-friendly PDF movement reports.

Can I use Uplift Capture outdoors?

Yes. Uplift Capture can be used in a wide variety of environments, and capture sessions can be completed with or without an internet connection - just make sure to connect after the session to upload the video and analyze the movements!

Can I capture multiple athletes quickly?

Uplift Capture is perfect for high-volume capture scenarios, such as pre-season intake assessments or scouting events. After completing initial camera setup, you can easily assess athletes performing 3-5 reps of a movement in under a minute each, with minimal delay (typically 8-10s) between athletes. This enables assessing many athletes at a very high frequency, and is valuable for both sports-specific movements (like baseball hitting or pitching), and for running athletes through a battery of movement assessments.

What types of athletic movements can Uplift Capture analyze?

Uplift Capture can record and analyze any athletic movement that lends itself to stationary capture with 2 iOS devices mounted on tripods. While we will generate full 3D and kinematic data for any movement, we currently only generate sports-movement-specific health indicators, events, and coaching reports for baseball and softball hitting, and baseball pitching. Uplift also generates full reports and events for a number of general assessment movements like squats and jumps; read more in the “Sports Medicine” section below.

What movement assessments do you support?

Uplift Capture can capture and analyze any athletic movement that lends itself to stationary capture with 2 iOS devices mounted on tripods. We generate movement assessment reports for multiple squat, jump, and lunge varieties.